Pat wondered how long it would be before Donna realized that John wasn't coming back.

The cat can't do that.

Arnold wondered how many times Dennis had been in trouble with the law.

It's time to get some sleep.


Let's head out.


Kit turned and ran after Manny.

It may not come to that.

You should do something with your hair.

It's good. You should try it.

English is studied in Japan.

I hope it'll happen soon.

You can use the word processor anytime.

That sounds like a fine idea.

I'll explain later.

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English will take you a long time to master.


We'll be together.


She drove a sport utility vehicle only to drop her kids off at soccer practice.

We can't let Nicolette out of our sight.

You used to like me.

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You should always think highly of your own teachers.

An hexagon has six sides.

The users of Tatoeba don't want Geoffrey to die.


I don't need anything... just a new pair of pants.

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Tran was shot when he surprised the burglars.

Hasn't anybody ever told you that before?

You may come in now.

I think you and I had better have a talk with Ralf.

I love you both.


He didn't really win the lottery. It was all a big put-on to impress his girlfriend.

If the times go against you, then go with the times.

Your favorite singer is Whitney Houston, right?

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He knows I'll call you.

Dimetry wasn't a nice man.

You're out of danger.


I thought you'd be dead by now.


They have enough capital to establish another factory.


Your story wasn't very scary.

He is, so far as I know, a good guy.

He made up his mind to try again.


Mahesh needs a blood transfusion.

There was no explosion.

The worst of living in Istanbul is getting stuck in the traffic.

This is very frustrating.

Please turn the lamp off before you go to bed.

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"My biological father means nothing to me!", he said.


Women aren't interested in him.

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I wanted a jacket.

Naoto told Polly she'd just have to accept him as he was.

I approve of your plan.


Oh yes, we love the computer voice!

Isn't it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most?

It seems like the cat smelled a mouse.

Patrice has an American accent.

She's all yours.

Go / Walk as far as that house and then stop / stand there !

Joy will not last forever.

They warned us of our possible failure in this plan.

I go to school by subway.

Was it necessary that my uncle be informed?

I've been waiting for over an hour.


Elliot's face was as white as a sheet.

I want my money back and I want it back now.

Let's see what happens now.

The tea is really delicious.

Juha, look at me!

The problem is worthy of being remembered.

"Varda is loved by everyone." "What did you say?" "Anderson is loved by everyone."


Mr. Tanaka and his son always take the time to greet me, and even helped me carry my things earlier.

They've arrested me.

I am Siberian.

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Leonard wants something different.

What's your third wish?

Dr. Smith is the most knowledgeable expert in that subject.

Hans has dark skin.

It is the fruit of hard work and a well-prepared plan.

Don't make me repeat myself.

The prices of raw materials such as oil or coal continue to rise.


I want to help her.

Each student has expressed his opinion.

How often do you wash your car a month?

Are you actually serious?

It's a difficult language.

Thank you for the tea.

I don't have a phone.

Do you have some dango?

She's hedging.


Bring your cup to the kitchen.


This is the town where I was born.

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I don't understand the plan at all.


I got a bit carried away when I was dancing and got up on the table.

How many secrets can you keep?

That's too much!


Gypsy didn't want me to go shopping with Sylvan.

It's worth exploring.

We need to tell everyone what happened.


Give Bob everything we've got.

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I know what you were feeling, because I was feeling it, too.


Their son is repairing a motorcycle in the garage.


He was endowed with great talents.

He took care of the children while his wife was shopping.

The flow of this river is fast.

I wish I could go to the party with you.

Marjane Satrapi's mother is Tadji.

I'm trying to avoid them.

He is kind to her.

What kind of trouble was there?

Why are you so mad?

We just want the truth.

What? Is there something stuck in my teeth or something?

Elias heard Eddy.

She told me many stories about her life.


It'll be different.

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Who fights can lose. Who doesn't fight has already lost.


If you raise an eyebrow, it can mean "I want to have sex with you", but also "I find that what you just said is completely idiotic."


I go fishing every week.

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Better be the head of a cat than the tail of a lion.

i went to the plaza yesterday night.

Men love amorous women.

There aren't many books on the shelves.

One sniff of that stuff was enough to make me sick.

We rarely go out.

Does Lester still have one of those?

I kind of liked the idea.

Modern cats don't eat mice.

She has been hospitalized for 2 months already.

He explained the matter in detail.


Does Lochhead manage to arouse our sympathy?

I have never fallen in love with any girl.

I normally get off work at about 8 o'clock in the evening.

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I want my children to be happy.

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Excuse me, I think you've dropped something.

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I'd like to see Cecilia again.

I need a hammer.

We're chopping off their head.

It's a riveting story.

I liked your speech.


There will be a change for the better in the weather.

I had fun dancing.

The residents made complaints about the noise.

Conrad opened the doors.

Blaine's a klutz.

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We'll start tomorrow morning.

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Gunter reached into his bag and pulled out a deck of playing cards.

They have no natural predators.

She is much cleverer than she looks.

Do you want me to rub your shoulders?

It was a rush job so it might not be a good fit.

Keep an open mind.

I'm sensing a lot of hostility.

They came back from the cinema together.

A cat will forget three years of kindness in three days, feed a dog for three days and he will remember it for three years.


I'll send it to you tomorrow.

You're awful at keeping secrets.

Try to convince Hiroyuki to help us.

Whoever wants it may take it.

It was annoying.